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Electric Chopper Set - Multipurpose - Assorted

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Easily prepare a variety of ingredients to cook, saving time and effort. Use it once and fall in love with it!

This chopper is a great pick for all kitchens. It makes work lesser and productivity higher. This set includes 2 blades, a power machine, 1 outlet cone, 1 outlet bowl, a pressing bar with a peeler, a spoon and a cleaning brush. The pressing bar has a peeler to peel the skin of fruits and vegetables. The cleaning brush can be attached to this machine to clean the bowls and blades.

How to use:
This set has 2 modes that are suitable for various needs.

Slicing Mode: 
Set up the slicing blade onto the cone outlet.
Insert the power machine perfectly into the slot on the blade.
Add the ingredients from the feeding port on the machine and press the power switch to start slicing it.
This can be used for slicing chilies, beans, French beans, red pepper, ginger, onion, etc.

Chopping and Mincing Mode:
For this mode, Take the bowl outlet and set the chopping blade on the groove in the middle of the bowl.
Close it with the power machine by placing it exactly on the upper end of the blade.
Add the ingredients from the feeding port on the power machine and cover it with the pressing bar to avoid any splashes.
This mode can be used for chopping ginger, garlic, chilies, meat, capsicums, onions, coconuts, etc.

Operation: This chopper is a rechargeable one and comes with a Type-C cord.

Please note: Always keep the feeding port closed with the pressing bar to avoid splashes. Handle the blades with care and attention to avoid any harm or cuts. Keep away from children.

Tip: You can use this cleaning brush to clean a flatter surface like kitchen platforms and save your cleaning time as well.
The box can be transformed into a tissue box.

It comes as a single piece in assorted colors.

Country of origin: China.


Plastic and Steel