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Micro Garlic Crusher - Black

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The Stainless Steel Garlic Is The Perfect Tool For Mincing Garlic For An Incredible Flavour In Every Dish You Prepare! This Garlic Presser Is Easier And More Convenient To Use Than Other Typical Presses. In Other Words, This Handheld Garlic Crusher Gives You A Better Grip To Crush Garlic. Its Plastic Handle Makes You Feel More Comfortable While Doing The Work. Simply Place Your Clove Or Cloves Underneath The Series Of Holes Of The Garlic Presser And Press Down, Moving It Back And Forth. You’ll End Up Crushing Your Garlic Without Having To Touch It. It Has No Chamber Or Blade, Making It Incredibly Easy And Safe To Use. With This Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher, No More Blades And Knives, And Your Fingers Will Remain Safe And Intact! Moreover, Garlic Does Not Get Crushed, But Micro-Cut, Which Helps Preserve The Aromatic Oils Of The Garlic. Most Importantly, It Is Made Up Of Highly Durable Material Which Makes It Easy To Clean And Dishwasher Safe. It is sold as a single piece. Country Of Origin: China.


Plastic, Stainless Steel


L:10.8cm X B:7cm X H:5cm


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