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360 Degree Rotating Nail Cutter (Stainless Steel)

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Comfortable posture from All Angles, Designed for Everyone

  • Ordinary tools but you've never seen before
  • 360 Degree Blade Head looks so special and interesting! It's perfect as a gift for old parents or people you love
  • Clippers, Not just a Tool. It's a Lifelong Habit

    Not like a Standard clippers which induce a posture that stresses the joints, Bluebaskets™️ Clippers reduce stresses to the joints

  • Rotating Head Design

    The head of the clipper can be fully rotated allowing you to make clippings effortless and convenient.


  • Sharp and Contoured Blade

    The perfectly engineered blade delivers a precise cut with each clipping. The natural curve of the blade helps to create a perfectly shaped-nail.

  • No Mess

    The built-in nail catcher keeps your clippings from splashing so you don't need to worry about the clippings creating a mess.