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Adjustable Sink Rack Organiser With Cloth Hanger

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  • elescopic Sink Storage can meet different needs, adapt to different sink sizes, freely adjust the length, can be a large capacity storage.*
  • High quality PP material Good bearing capacity, no deformation, more products can be stored at a time, wear-resistant and durable.*
  • Expandable Drain Basket won't take up additional space inside the sink Draining slots design allows water to drain, drain holes are evenly distributed Ventilated Drain letting sponges and scrubbers dry, not easy to breed bacteria.*
  • Storage Rack Easy-to-store cleaning utensils, such as towels, dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, ball brush, etc. It is comfortable to handle at an appropriate height, and convenient for daily cleaning.*
  • The Telescopic Sink (with2 random colored coral velvet towels) color is elegant, the appearance is simple and unique, the product can naturally blend into the kitchen environment, adding a touch of beautiful color to the kitchen.