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Hanging Purse Organizer With 6 Pocket (Pack of 2)

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  • 6 pockets, satisfied your different demands. Housekeeping & organization, storage bags, house organizer bag
  • Double-sided breathable handbag with 6 pockets, a perfect organizing solution for your purses, pocket books, shoulder bags, handbags etc.
  • This hanging handbag closet organizer saves closet shelf space while neatly storing purses, small blankets, sheets, towels, shoe, pocketbook, bag and other linens.
  • Can be hooked in your wardrobe or hanged behind the door; Easy storage when not in use, Can also be used to storage shoes or other stuffs.


Size: 90x33x31cm (35.4x13.0x12.2 inches)

Material: environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics.

Color: Black