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Absorbing Bathroom Mat - TurtleCart®

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Experience The Next-Generation Mat That Absorbs Water Within A Few Seconds!


  • Quick Dry Bath Mat :- that instantly absorbs water, keeping your floors dry, safe and looking amazing! 


  • Unique Multi-layered Design :- quickly traps, absorbs, and evaporates moisture 3x faster than standard mats. No more having to deal with gross, soggy bath mats - This Absorbing Mat has you covered!


  • Keep Floors Clean, Dry & Safe :- This Absorbing Mat absorbs water before it’s spread all over the bathroom floor - no more hazardous trails of water throughout the house! Not only does it absorb significantly better than regular mats but it also dries 3x faster, so you can say goodbye to gross, soggy bath mats once and for all! 
Absorbent Floor Mats


  • Easy To Clean & Easy to Dry :- Traditional bath mats collect and hold dirt and bacteria, and never fully dry out which causes them to smell and mildew. This Absorbing Mat is built with Quick Dry Technology to prevent any mold, mildew and this mat easily clean and dry.


  • Non-Slip :- Designed with a non-slip bottom that grips any floor, this Absorbing Mat sticks flat to the floor and can be counted on to not slide around, fold, crumple or bunch up like traditional bath mats.
Non Slip Bath Mat

  • Perfect For Anywhere in the House :- This Absorbing Mat is not just the ultimate bath mat.. It’s the perfect all around mat that can be used anywhere in the house! Great for the front entrance, back entrance, bathroom, balcony door, kitchen, you name it!
Water Absorbing Mats

  • Very Soft :- Made with a soft, spongy material, this Magic Mat makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds! Its compact, sleek design ensures it will fit under any door without ever getting caught, snagged or jammed.


  • The secret behind this Absorbing Mat is its revolutionary 4 layer design. 
Magic Mat


  • The surface layer instantly traps moisture and allows it to pass through to the ultra absorbent sponge layer. 
  • Once accumulated in the sponge layer, water quickly evaporates due to the open-cell structure which allows air to easily pass through the material. 
  • The third layer consists of soft quick dry foam; this is what makes The Absorbing Mat so soft and squishy! 
  • The non-slip rubber bottom ensures the Absorbing Mat will always stay perfectly in place, unlike standard cotton bath mats which are constantly sliding around.

Product Details :-

Rug Form Type Bath Mat Is Stain Resistant
Size 40 x 60
Product Dimensions 60L x 40W Centimetres
Colour Blue
Pattern Home 
Material Rubber PVC + technical velvet
Shape Oval
Package Include selected x Absorbing Mat
Item Weight 250


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